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Freedom of Travel
Travel allows you to absorb the culture and beauty of the world
Learning About History
Experience the Culture
Explore Natures Wonders
Take a walk or a hike and learn about nature at the same time!
Soak Up The Sun
From sunbathing, to swimming and tide pooling, learn what experiences the oceans and lakes have to offer !

We provide Itineraries for educated family vacations that make travel to different locations easy, affordable and fun.  Help your children understand the world through experiences and interactions that are simply not available in the classroom or homeschool.  Learning unique cultures, civics, history, ecology and more is easy with ready to go itineraries for families like yours.  

Two to three day agendas for family friendly locations across the globe which educational activities and budget in mind. 

Stay tuned for our first itineraries!

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The adventure begins!

We usually start our educated travels in NYC simply because flights are cheaper out of the surrounding airports. Bonus is that we get lots of

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Eating is learning

By indulging in local cusine, you are learning about the culture, customs and tastes of different countries and regions. Most of our itineraries include great places to eat and also tips on eating locally on a budget.

“Travel more, save money and enjoy the world through your children's eyes.”

For me, being able to travel the world and educate my children at the same time is a true blessing. I have learned that it does not have to be expensive to travel outside the US with children. I will never settle on the same annual vactation spot again!
Amy Hoffmeier

Vacation Planning

Let me provide you with the perfect itinerary for your vacation!

Explore and Educate

Learn how to have a great vacation where you can bond with your family while also educating your children at the same time!

My Travel Highlights

The best way to experience the world is to get out there!

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