When we booked our tickets, it seemed like we were to arrive at the Strasbourg, France airport, but after looking into this further, it turns out that our flight landed in Frankfurt, Germany and then the last “leg” of our journey was by bus to the Strasbourg train station.  Make sure to look very carefully at your flight info and be sure you understand exactly where you are arriving so that you can book your car properly.

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We made it to Germany and then had a 3 hour wait until our bus was ready.  We relaxed in a cafe and then waited by the doors where the bus was scheduled to arrive.  The bus ride was uneventful and I was very tired after our overnight flight.  We arrived at the Strasbourg train station and then walked to the rental car office across the street to retrieve our cars.

We got on the road and drove to Ribeauville, France.  This village is so picturesque that is literally feels like you are in Disney, but it’s all real and an entire village instead of a fake facade in Epcot.

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It had many, many tourists and souvenir shops, but we just browsed, enjoyed the ambiance and had some lunch.

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We enjoyed the village street and then headed out of the traffic to a nearby park where the children enjoyed time on the playground and collected chestnuts to roast later.

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After an overnight flight, an early morning bus, and sightseeing in the village we were ready to find our apartment for the week.  We were also a little nervous because I could not get in touch with the homeowner to confirm our arrival.  We figured it would be enjoyable to take the Route de Vin from Ribeauville to Kaysersberg the village our temporary home was close to.  The Route de Vin is a picturesque road that brings visitors through Alsace’s charming villages and vineyards.

We headed off, but before we made it to Kaysersberg, the road was full of traffic and closed for a road rally. We looked at our GPS and there was an alternate route, so we figured it would work to get us to town safely.  We ended up on top of the mountain on a one lane dirt road with a cliff on one side.  If someone came from the other direction we would need to back up all the way down the mountain.

It was treacherous and much more time consuming route.  But this ended up being such a fun and beautiful mistake!!  The views were Ahhhh-mazing!  The forests in France are just like a fairy tale with big strong trees above and sun streams shining on the forest floor below.  It was a sight that I will never forget. The mountain fields and the sky were the stuff of dreams and I am so glad for that road closure and alternate route.

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The fear of making a mistake shouldn’t keep you from traveling.  The mistakes are where the memories are made!!

We finally made it to our chalet and we were welcomed and so happy to be “home”.

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