Civita is a city in Tuscany built upon a volcanic tuff cliff that is slowly crumbling.  When the rock crumbles, pieces of the homes and other buildings in the city crumble with it.  Because the edges of the town have eroded, the only access to the town is by a small foot bridge.  While we crossed the bridge, we witnessed a dirt bike speed across the bridge with a 10 pound sack of potatoes and several other unidentifiable bags.  When all of your supplies need to be brought in by foot or dirt bike, you know the town is expensive and inconvenient to live in.  No wonder there are only a dozen or so residents.

As inconvenient as it might be to live in, it is surely fun to visit.  We made a wrong turn somewhere along the way and ended up in a neighboring town with an amazing view of the city and the foot bridge.

Europe Orviato 048

We finally figured our way to the new town area and parked in the lot right near foot bridge.  There is a small store with water bottles and snacks and a playground with a slide right next to the parking area.

Europe Orviato 054

Walk down the path and several stairways to a driveway type road and follow the road down.  You will need to pay an entrance fee to the city and then it’s time to walk up.  You should be fairly fit and your children should be used to walking to make the trek.  I saw a few older ladies having a little bit of trouble and one middle aged man was very scared to cross.  Maybe he was afraid of heights!  I saw him in town later, so I guess he eventually conquered his fears.

Europe Orviato 059

Inside the city it was fun to walk around and check out the craziness of houses half fallen down.  There were several shops and we ate a rustic lunch that cost way too much.  I would recommend eating before you arrive, or bring a picnic.  My children loved all the stray cats that were in the city and they especially loved feeding them the leftover meats and cheeses from our lunch.  If I had known, I would have brought a small bag of cat food for the children to throw to the kitties.

Europe Orviato 060

The children had fun and it was relaxing to just wander around without any real sites to check off so we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Civita.  We spent about 2 – 3 hours here, so it’s perfect for a 1/2 day trip.