Our last morning in Granby, we decided to visit Bike Granby Ranch.  We weren’t planning to rent bikes, but figured we could take the lift up the mountain and check out the views.  The lift was free and totally worth a visit!  The views were outstanding and the day was picture perfect.


We dropped Hank at the airport for his return home and spent another night in Westminster, CO preparing for our own return trip back across the country.

Day 19 would be a full day of driving.  We had plans to stop at Nicodemus National Historic Site on our way to Witchita.  After a very long and very boring drive, we arrived to underwhelming Nicodemus.  The town was established by several white men for former slaves as a place they could live free and thrive.  These slaves saved all the money they had and set out for Nicodemus, advertised to them as a wonderful place to live.  What they came to was what we see now.  A baron wasteland.  How sad that after everything these people had been through to become free, they were swindled by evil people looking to make a quick fortune.

After Nicodemus we made it to Wichita and found our hotel.

We got up early and made our way to Exploration Place in Wichita.  We had free admission thanks to our local science center and enjoyed several hours there having a blast!  What a great museum!!


We were finally back to The Little House on the Prairie.  We made it to Independence, Kansas and the site where the Ingalls built a cabin in Indian territory.  The replica cabin is not on the exact location of the old cabin, but it’s the same size and the well that Pa dug (and Mr. Edwards passed out in) is right nearby.



There is also a one room school house to tour.


We stayed in Springfield, Missouri for the night and wanted to start the next day touring our last Ingalls stop at the homestead of Laura and Almanzo Wilder.  We drove out to the homestead, had a nice picnic lunch at a table in the parking lot and then toured the museum.  We took an informative tour of the home Almanzo built for Laura and then another tour of the stone house that Rose built for her parents in their old age.



What a lovely end to our time learning more about the pioneers and the lengths that they went to make a claim of land for themselves and their families.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, napping and swimming in the pool.

Day 21 – We head over to Baker Creek Heirloom Seed pioneer village, which is having a vender/festival day for the first Sunday of the month.  It was quaint and we really enjoyed ourselves for a few hours and then my daughter stepped on a nail in her flip flops and the day want to crap.  We left in a hurry and then I had to drive before I could get a signal on my cell phone and call my husband to check out the children’t shot records to ensure my daughter was up to date on her tetanus shot.  Thank goodness she was and we only had to clean the wound and make sure it was covered.

We couldn’t escape an entire trip without injury!!  It wouldn’t be a Hoffmeier vacation!!


Road Trip – Day 18

Driving Time – 2 hours

Accommodations – La Quinta, Westminster

Cost – $94.20

Road Trip – Day 19

Driving Time – 7 1/2 hours

Accommodations – Super 8 Park City/North Wichita

Cost – $74.14

Road Trip – Day 20

Driving Time – 4 1/4 hours

Accommodations – Lamplighter Inn & Suites, Springfield

Cost – $71

Road Trip – Day 21

Driving Time – None

Accommodations – Lamplighter Inn & Suites, Springfield

Cost – $71

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