When traveling with our children, we don’t like to rush.  We feel like rushing around makes everyone cranky and no one enjoys what we are doing.

We chose to tour Pompeii one day and do a quick tour of Naples another day.  Some do both in one day, but that just is too much traveling and touring for our family.

We headed on the train to Pompeii in the morning.  We left the train station in Pompeii to have lunch and ended up at a hole in the wall pizza joint.  It didn’t look fancy from the outside, but my goodness the food was amazing.  I had some soup that was wonderful, my daughter had pasta with clams and my husband and son split a pizza.  Yummmmmmmm!!!  That was such a good lunch!

We returned to the train station, got on the metro to the Archeological site and headed off.  This train is notorious for thieves and an English couple was apparently robbed while we waited on the platform.  Be careful and aware and always keep your money in a money belt or another safe place like pinned to your bra, tucked into a sock, etc.

We got to Pompeii in the early afternoon and it was Ahhhhhhmazing!  Gorgeous!  Beautiful!  Interesting!  Wonderful!  Empty!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t recommend it enough and our timing left us to wander the site without any crowds whatsoever.


We wandered the site for a few hours, entered into several interesting buildings and just explored the city.  We tried to imagine that we were living in the era before Mount Vesuvius erupted and Pompeii was still thriving.

Pompeii 3

DSC_0433 DSC_0430

The children really enjoyed listening to the audio guide.


Mount Vesuvius in the background.

We were exhausted after a wonderful afternoon in Pompeii.  We took the train back to Naples, got take-out from a local restaurant and went to sleep.  We had no idea that Naples erupts into a street party every night!  The music was loud, the babies were crying the motorcycles were zooming and the streets were alive on a Tuesday night!  It was unexpected, but such an interesting culture to witness.  I will never forget our night in Naples.

The next morning we walked to the Archeological Museum in Naples.  This museum is where all the artifacts from Pompeii were brought to along with other Roman pieces that were uncovered elsewhere.  This museum is wonderful and we really enjoyed our time here.


Mosaic work found in Pompeii.

Next we walked through Naples into the alleyways and found the main boulevard, Spaccanapoli where we ate another fabulous meal and stopped at a few of the interesting stores and lovely bakeries.  I am a huge fan of bakeries and Naples did not disappoint me.


We took a cab back to the train station and caught our afternoon train back to Rome.  We were sad to leave this vibrant city with food made with the freshest and most wonderful ingredients.  Next time we go to Italy, we are spending more than a night in Naples!!  We love Naples!