I just saw the Eiffel Tower Sparkle!!!

The city of lights!  Romantic, exotic and bustling.  We felt like Paris was similar to other big cities we have visited like NYC.  There is a very international feeling to Paris with souvenir shops and bootleg tables all run by different pieces of the international puzzle.  We were surprised at the diversity of Paris, although it was naive of us to imagine it as a singular ethnicity city because it has been diverse for many generations.

We decided to rent an apartment in Paris and were so happy that we did.  When traveling with children, it’s important that you are respecting their limits.  To each family, limitations will be different, but for my family it’s that I can’t expect my children to be still and quiet for restaurant breakfast, lunch and dinners as well as for the trains, sites and other touristy destinations.  We usually have breakfast “in”, lunch out and get take-out for dinner while traveling.  It just relieves some of the pressure on the kids and on us parents.  They can run around and get that energy burnt up without disturbing others and interrupting a romantic meal for anyone.


Entry way of our apartment.  Our own private oasis.

Paris apartment 1 Paris apartment 2 Paris Apartment 4

The upper floor of our apartment and my sweet, chocolate eater!!

Our first night in Paris we decided to book a river cruise.  I had made reservations in advance to get a cheaper price, so we just showed up and boarded.  Paris lit up is amazing!  I would highly recommend doing one of these tours and doing it at night is very special.

Eiffel tower 4  River cruise River cruise 2

Our day was full and we were in Paris!  Off to bed!