An experience of a lifetime!!!

Saturnia1 Saturnia2

These are the only pictures I have of our experiences at Saturnia Hot Springs and because of this regret, I have made sure to have a water proof case for my phone for the next time we travel.  The springs are tricky to find even with GPS.  We drove by several times, but the aroma (stench) in the air let us know we were close!  The hot springs are sulfuric and stink, but they are warm and feel so amazing.

We drove into the parking lot and asked if there was a bathroom to change into our swimsuits and apparently there was not.  We were there at the end of October, so there might be a shower room in season from what I have read.  We changed in the car (flexibility when traveling is always the key to exciting adventures) and made our way to the springs.  This spring is a natural hot spring, so it’s rocky, muddy and there is no where to put your belongings except on the ground, but it’s free, so there’s that….  We found a spot on the ground to set our clothes and towels and headed into the water.  It’s a bit of a climb and when you get in you notice there are tiny floating worms in the water!!  Not what I expected, but I figured if it’s natural, people have been doing this since Etruscan and Roman times, and I drove for 2 hours, I’m getting into the water!!  No turning back now!!

When I got in and chose to ignore the worms, it was lovely.  It is one of these places you could soak and relax all afternoon and my children really enjoyed swimming and playing with the other children there.

When we did get out it was very cold and we scrambled into our towels, ran to the car and changed back into our clothes as quickly as possible.  You will smell on the way back, so don’t plan on any fancy restaurant visits and make sure you have a washing machine to wash your towels!!

I would go back in a heart beat and suggest you don’t miss this if you are in the area!!