We usually start our educated travels in NYC simply because flights are cheaper out of the surrounding airports. Bonus is that we get lots of time in the city that never sleeps!!

We have always driven to NYC, but this trip I decided to book transportation instead of driving. There are buses from all over the USA to NYC. We used Wanda Coach and for $30 tickets we made it from NC to NYC overnight. There are other companies like Panda coach or Mega Bus to compare. Warning: this is not for the high maintenance traveler. People are strange and tickets may be canceled last minute so always be street smart and have a backup plan.

When we arrived, we went directly into education mode.

Authentic NY bagels are a treat every person on Earth should get to enjoy! Bonus is that they had vegan cream cheese for my anaphylactic allergic daughter! Yay!

We dropped our luggage at a storage facility and then visited the African Burial Ground NPS site. We LOVE the National Park Service in the USA. We learned about the traditions and spirit of the enslaved people that built the foundation of Manhattan. The kids stamped their National Park passport and earned Jr. Ranger badges.

Then we visited the 9/11 memorial again, always touching and heart wrenching.

After the memorial we went to Castle Clinton in Battery Park to learn how that area has changed over many years. The kids earned another Jr. Ranger badge and this site is the place to buy tickets to The Statue of Liberty if you haven’t visited that yet. It’s a must see!

We tried bubble tea in China Town (yuck on the bubbles!!).

Played at the playground.

Picked up our bags and headed to the airport!!

What a great day and my goodness, NYC is so full of wonderful things to see and learn! We are still visiting new places after countless visits!

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